How to get your eyeliner on "fleek"

5:57 PM TheglamorousB 0 Comments

A lot of times when I go out someone ask me how I get my eyeliner thin and perfect.
The answer is - practice! When I first tried to achieve the popular wing I ended up as a panda. So, "practice makes perfect" is definately the way here.

I use the Eveline Celebrities liquid eyeliner, with an eyeliner brush.
First, carefully and patiently make a thin line as close as possible to the lashline

Then, make a short line going to the end of your eyebrow

Connect the two lines, keeping it thin for a more natural look.

And that's it, that's how I achieve the winged eyeliner.
Ofcourse there are a lot more techniques and styles but I'm saving those for the next posts.
Here are some of the looks created with this technique