Dress to impress

12:05 AM TheglamorousB 2 Comments

Hey dolls Right before the post, that something special will happen, i give you this beach themed outfit. The thing here is, that the 80's and 90's are coming back, and the proof I have is many dresses that I got from my mom's old closet.This dress is tiffany blue, simple and flowy, also, asymmetrical. without further do, let me show you the pics

Hope you enjoy :)

P.S. The browser I use is crashing a lot and i cannot replay to your comments, thank you soooo much for the nice words, i read every single one of them, and if you have a note, please leave it on my e-mail adress that you can find in Contact bar :)

<3 Anastasia


Фустанот е многу убав, почнувајќи од бојата... Косата исто, баш ко за на ваков пост. Се на се, одлично :))


Anniemkanzie said...

Благодарам многу:)