How to wear:Skater skirt; "A pop of cream"

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Hey guys, finally new outfit post.
I've been so busy lately, mostly because of the exams, tests and other school stuff.
I finally found perfect skater skirt, and I paired it with black leggings, black coat and cream shirt.
I don't want  to make this post so long, so I'll post the pictures now :)
Hope you enjoy it,

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Agata said...

Amazing outfit !!

New post! I wait you :*

Follow each other??

Anniemkanzie said...

Thank you, and yes :)

I love your coat! plus your dog is so cute! :)

Armi Fernandez

Anniemkanzie said...

Thank you so much :)

denise said...

Your dog is so cute!

Anniemkanzie said...

Thank you :)

Супер комбинација ! Кученцето преслатко... Многу ми се допаѓа косата што има така natural waves што ги обожавам :)

Anniemkanzie said...

Ти благодарам Марија :)

Agata said...

Thank you to follow me, i follow you back :)

New post!! I wait you :*