It's December and it's the right time to look up everything we've been trough.

This lazy Sunday evening has me thinking about what my aspirations in life actually are. I want to make this blog my job that's for sure, but even that made me think about how all we ever wish is materialistic. We want to make money, to be successful, to be able to buy a $2000 bag on the day of it's launching.. I haven't heard a "I want to have the same best friend in 20 years" or a "I want to have a big healthy family" in a while. 

I want to make myself and everyone around me proud, but I want to be happy first. For me, there's no time better spent than looking trough my father's old military photos, and my mother's old clothes. Most likely, I'll find something in my mom's closet that I'll end up wearing more than she did. That's the case with this sweater dress. Can we talk about how nice they dressed back in the 80s and how the fashion isn't evolving but coming back?

I couldn't be happier that I get to wear something that my mother used to wear when she was my age, it's like, we're connected by our soul.

Much love,


I can't actually believe myself that I'm posting regularly (?!)

Let's just say that I've been wanting this red beret for months and I couldn't find any in my town, so I went on a little mission to find the perfect color of fabric, and the perfect template to sew it myself, and I finally did( I'll do a DIY post soon). 
And the bag, I'm obsessed with this little baby, and I haven't gotten it off since. Also, can you guess which color is my favorite this season? It's not like I didn't change my whole wardrobe.

These days, it's so cold(do I sound like a taxi driver? Totally), that I'm literally living in thick sweaters and all kinds of cute scarfs and hats. 

So, today, to keep myself warm, I put on a gray sweater, a black leather jacket, black jeans, and it wouldn't be me if I didn't put something in a blinding color, so, a red bag and the red beret.


If someone ever told me that I will take 5 good photos in less than 5 minutes, I would've consider them crazy. But this spontaneous-waiting-for my parents to pick me up-mini-photoshoot gave me amazing results, so I won't wait to show them to you.

We had planned a family lunch that day, but, as usual, I slept the getting ready process, so I had to be ready in less than 15 minutes. I was running around in a hurry and literally put on the first thing I found.

I created this simple outfit with little pops of colour for a little intensity. Outfits like these have been my favorites lately, because they are simple, comfortable and cute. Plus, can we talk about how tiny and adorable this little bag is? (We had a debate whether it's red or pink, still red for me tho) It's definitely my crush for this month.


Long time no see!

Today, I'm coming back to you with my everyday makeup routine, since it's been something I've been asked the most for. I'm a high school student, so my everyday makeup routine is kinda boring, sometimes I don't even wear makeup.

But on weekends and on the days when I don't have school, I like to play with my makeup for a moment.

In this post I'm going to show you my typical-Saturday-day look.
It mostly depends on the mood that day, but for day-time looks I don't like to do a full dramatic looks. I go quite simple, with my whole foundation routine, neutral eyeshadows, eyeliner and I always fill in my brows.

In this particular case, I used the Alverde foundation in 40 Caramel , I fixed it with baby powder, just because I don't like how powders give me too much of a color and cakeiness. For contouring I love (read: I'm obsessed with) the H&M  contour palette, it has one cool toned contour shade, a sparkly brown bronzer, a gold and a rose gold highlighter.. O B S E S S E D!. I didn't use the highlighter that came with the palette, I switched it for the Aura  highlighting powder in 220 Moonlight. For my brows, again, the trusty H&M brow specialist in Espresso Brown
On my eyes, I just applied the highlighter in the inner corner, and I softly applied a dash of the bronzer in the crease for definition and depth. I used Kiko Milano waterproof glitter eye pencil in the waterline, followed with a Malena eyeliner, to do my signature wing. I used the Maybeline Lash Sensation Mascara on my lashes, to give them a lift and length. 
On my lips I used the Golden Rose liquid matte in the shade 13 .

As you can see, I didn't mention any brushes nor tools. Of course the brushes are an essential to make every makeup look flawless. That's why I teamed up with reviews.com , to give you honest, deep and professional advice on what brushes you need to use in order to make your makeup look professional. 
You can help yourself by reading the link: https://www.reviews.com/makeup-brushes/


In the past 5 years of blogging, I've never been constant. I either had no time, or didn't feel like giving myself out there. But now I feel more inspired than ever. I'm not gonna promise anything, but I'll try to post as frequent as possible.
Today, when I was rushing around my room trying to find something that will keep me cool during the hell of the weather outside and also that wouldn't be jeans and a shirt, I came across this skirt that I've been wanting for a really long time but never I've never gotten to wear it. I wanted to wear a baggy white shirt tucked inside the skirt, but it simply was to much fabric on me to handle, so I decided to wear a grey velvet spaghetti strap shirt. I paired it with pink converse and went out.