In the past 5 years of blogging, I've never been constant. I either had no time, or didn't feel like giving myself out there. But now I feel more inspired than ever. I'm not gonna promise anything, but I'll try to post as frequent as possible.
Today, when I was rushing around my room trying to find something that will keep me cool during the hell of the weather outside and also that wouldn't be jeans and a shirt, I came across this skirt that I've been wanting for a really long time but never I've never gotten to wear it. I wanted to wear a baggy white shirt tucked inside the skirt, but it simply was to much fabric on me to handle, so I decided to wear a grey velvet spaghetti strap shirt. I paired it with pink converse and went out. 

Who can cure the boredom?

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

To change, means to grow. It's a pretty important day for the blog today. Today we transition from theglamorousb.blogspot.com straight to theglamorousb.com (woohoo!). The other nice thing is that now I'm fully dedicated to this blog. I'm way too excited for all the new posts, collaborations all the new friendships and all the opportunities this blog can offer. I hope you're excited too!
Enough rambling, straight to the point. I decided to start the new chapter (?) of this blog with an outfit that I'm in love with. It's simplicity and the monochromatic (kind of) look it gives, makes it one of the most worn outfits in my closet. Suitable for days and nights, coffee dates and school.

Sweatshirt: Bershka (exact)
Jeans: Bershka (similar)
Jacket: Bershka  (exact)
Boots: Marwell
Bag: Bershka (exact)
Choker: local shop

Black Cotton Candy

 After a while I'm back with another post. Again, as usual, it's quite dark. Since it's spring,  I decided to throw on a pink shirt just so the outfit won't be that dark. It's a perfect outfit for school, since you match the dress code, also for a walk, or chilled coffee dates.
Photo: MKangalov photography 

Gray scale

Since the spring is right in the corner, here's a spring outfit. Well kind of.
I'm wearing a gray dress, with a black leather jacket and black sneakers.
A really comfortable yet fashionable day-time look.

As the sun goes down

It's the first outfit post of 2016, and i should be ashamed.
Anyways, i have an interesting outfit for today. 
I found these pants, which I didn't know I had. They have a really unusual length and that's the main reason why I like them. The jumper I wear is the statement of my winter wardrobe lately. The coat, again, is my favorite because of it's shape and it's extremely comfortable and warm.